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Next Meeting

On SATURDAY, JULY 21 The Summer Picnic and plant exchange will be at the home of our president John Scott and his wife Margaret. Their home Rockland Botanical Garden is a nine acre native woods with about a mile of trails, an organized flowering plant collection, a conifer collection, and of course a fern collection near the house. For the plant exchange, pot up some things to bring along.

Recent Field Trips

SATURDAY, MAY 5, LEASER LAKE at 10 am. Leaser Lake is a man-made lake, great for fishing and kayaking. It offers beautiful views of "Blue Mountain" and familiar wildflowers of spring. Some plants to see are Showy Orchid, Miterwort, Fringed Polygala and Royal Fern. Directions: Drive to the parking lot at the north shore boat launch where we will meet at 10 am. Contact Karen Mohn 610-207-6851 papatrees@aol.com Allow 1 1/2 hours GPS Coordinates: N 40.679043 W 75.836162

SATURDAY, JUNE 2. FERN WALK with Susan Munch at Monocacy Hill in Douglassville, PA. Susan is a retired botany professor and an expert on ferns and mosses.

Latest Newsletter

The fine Summer Newsletter by Janet Whitefield is available HERE.

Barnes Arboretum Volunteer Day

Work Outing - We will enjoy a work morning with John Scott and Curator Jacob Thomas in the restored Laura Barnes Fern Dell at the Barnes Arboretum in Merion, PA. On a Thursday morning we will convene at the Barnes Arboretum to transplant plants, clear ground covers and enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds. After lunch we will tour the other plant collections in the early afternoon.


Removal of native plants from the wild is rarely a good idea as the entire community may no longer be unsustainable. Always vette your sources for native plants to insure sustainable collection practices are in place.

The purpose of the Delaware Valley Fern & Wildflower Society shall be to encourage the enjoyment of native Ferns and Wildflowers by cultivating and propagating them in the home and garden; by studying them in their wild habitats, gardens and conservatories; by promoting their conservation and preservation; and by providing a forum for the exchange of information and expertise.


Rick Reynolds is chairing the Outreach Committee and will set up a membership table at various plant sales to advertise the Society and get new members. Let Rick know if you can help with pupblicity in newspapers and social media.

We are seeking a Membership Coodinator to sign up prospective members at meetings and to correspond with new members of the Society.

Join us! Renew! Print and mail in the membership form.