2002 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

March 3-10:



Our Flower Show Exhibit "Fiddles in the Garden". The exhibit featured a patio and a garden filled with our favorite hardy ferns and other plants. There was a trellis to feature tropical ferns in hanging baskets.  Flower show co-chairs Katie Giomi and Tom Tomer.


     May 18: 

Hillside Haven Sculpture Gardens, Millersville, PA.  Coordinator: Jack Schieber ( )

     Rained out.


Sat., June 8:

Botrychiums - Warren County, NJ.  Botrychiums and other wild plants (and birds?) - north NJ.  Coordinator: Mike Rosenthal  (mirosen@yahoo.comor call Otto Heck.


June 22:

Tim Draude - Susquehanna State Park, Maryland  Coordinator: Otto Heck    Most sites are close to the road and are pleasant, shaded woods and ravines.  We can expect to see Leeds wood fern (Dryopteris celsa x D. marginalis) and Log fern (Dryopteris celsa) as well as some of the uncommon Asplenium species perhaps for a total approaching 30 species.  This will be all day and we plan to have dinner together.


July 7-13:

Field Trips; we will be hosting the Hardy Fern Foundation.    Coordinator: Jack Schieber ( We will be visiting north New Jersey, Morris Arboretum and suburban gardens near Philadelphia, south New Jersey, northeast Pennsylvania with Jim Montgomery,  and Lyndhurst and  the botanical gardens in New York, probably in that order.   Out-of-town participants will stay at the Hampton Inn in Clinton, NJ and trips will proceed each day from there by bus or van.   Photos by John Scott


July 29/August 1:

Cazenovia area, NY; Coordinator: Otto Heck 



August 24:

Gordon Foster Fern Garden, at the Buck Garden, NJ.

     Rescheduled to next Spring.


August 29:

Flower Show Planning Meeting

We need help and ideas. Come join in this process of creation. Contact Tom or Janice Tomer for time and location. 215-887-3683 or


        September 28:

Suffolk Branch Trail, NJ.; Coordinator: Otto Heck 908-996-2598

This is an area recently explored with our guests from the Hardy Fern Foundation. In this one-mile walk on an old railroad bed we can see more than thirty species of ferns.



In north New Jersey from the intersection of I-80 and route 206 (exit 25) go north for 7 miles through Andover. North of Andover is a traffic light at Limecrest Rd. The Sussex Branch Trail, marked by a large brown sign on the east side (on the right going north) is 0.3 miles beyond the traffic light.




No scheduled trips are planned but we do expect to go exploring for ferns maybe in the Adirondacks or Lancaster Co. or along the Delaware or where ever. We might not find a thing and the terrain can be rough but if you think you might like to join contact Jack Schieber 215-357-3720 and We’ll have your name on the list to contact as we get our act together. Maybe Saturday the 19th or the 26th or some weekday.


November 16:

10:00 AM, Saturday Annual Meeting –Horticulture Center, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia   Ms. Liz Ball -DVFWS Member and Author  “Photographing Your Garden”