February 19, 2005 - 9:30 AM, Saturday - Barnes Foundation

“Out and About” by John Scott


Travel with John Scott during 40 years of nature photography, photographing wildflowers and ferns in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Russia and Finland.

For this winter meeting we’ll meet at the Barnes Foundation (Arboretum) rather than the Horticultural Center. Bring a lunch.

Directions to the Barnes Foundation:  www.barnesfoundation.org




March 6-13: visit our booth at the Philadelphia Flower Show





April 23, 2005: Saturday- 10 AM, Saturday- Shenk’s Ferry Wildflower Preserve

Coordinator: Jack Schieber - jaroma@comcast.net


We skipped going to Shenks last year figuring enough is enough. But that’s not true - a visit to this Preserve is a wonderful way to welcome Spring. What we see is dependent on weather and weather in recent years seems particularly erratic but this small valley is consistently rewarding. We will meet at the Restaurant at 10 AM for carpooling and also have lunch there afterwards.




May 21, 2005: Saturday- 10 AM, Saturday- Hudgens’ Garden

coordinator: Otto Heck (908-996-2598)


We tour the grounds of Jerry Hudgens where the gardens include over 100 species of ferns, most of which are labeled. In this warmer area the ferns should be well along in growth and if their fertile parts are not yet developed it will increase the fun of identification. The gardens also feature a wealth of native species of trees, shrubs, and perennials including many thousands of spring wildflowers. Also included, is a host of exotic species that coexist with the natives in a naturalistic, woodland setting covering 4.5 acres. Collections include: rhododendrons, azaleas, trilliums, asarums, ferns, hostas, and much more. The gardens were named for the thousands of ferns growing naturally on the property.

Please bring a lunch since we will picnic at the Hudgens’. We meet at 10 for the tour but plan to spend as much time as you wish in the afternoon to fully appreciate these extensive gardens.


DIRECTIONS to garden:  gahudgens @Comcast.net






June 4, 2005: Saturday - 10 AM, Saturday - Camp Bernie

coordinator: Otto Heck (908-996-2598)


Camp Bernie is part of the fern-rich area of New Jersey and is one of only two places where we have found the Northern and Southern Beech ferns growing together in the wild. And here we find also some of the uncommon Grape Ferns (Botrychiums) as well as a variety of Wood Ferns.





June 28/July 8 Tuesday/Friday, 2005 -“Feast in the East”

Leader: John Scott (610-682-2809)


Fern Tour of the Central Piedmont of the United States sponsored by The British Pteridological Society, UK and The Hardy Fern Foundation, US. Traveling in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts. We will be traveling by bus, visiting private and public gardens and wild areas with emphasis on the native ferns and fern allies of the region. This trip is being lead by DVFWS’s own John Scott. Members of DVFWS may be accommodated. Check the web site < www.bps2005.org > (please note .org) or email John at bps2005@aol.com.




Saturday, September 24, 2004- Morris Arboretum with Dianne Smith




October 22, 2005 - 30th Anniversary Dinner of DVFWS






August 21/27, 2005- Eagle Hill Field Seminar, Steuben, Maine

Robbin Moran of NYCh-AFS


The course covers the identification, phylogeny, and ecology of ferns and lycophytes. Morning lectures will review the major families and place these in a phylogenetic context. The afternoon field trips will emphasize identification and ecology of local genera and species. The course will visit several habitat types along and near the eastern Maine coast to see as many species as possible. Herbarium specimens of northeastern species not found locally will be available for study. Besides identification, we will discuss the distinctive biology of ferns, such as their life cycle, hybridization, polyploidy, unusual adaptations (iridescent ferns, ant ferns, apogamy), biogeography, and uses of ferns by people. We will also discuss the sweeping changes that have taken place over the past ten years in understanding the phylogeny of ferns and lycophytes (for instance, why the term “fern allies” is no longer valid). University credits are available. The cost for tuition lodging and meals is roughly $800. For more information, write or call: Humboldt Field Research Institute, PO Box 9, 59 Eagle Hill Road, Steuben, Maine 04680-0009 207-546-2821; FAX 207-546-3042

< www.eaglehill.us > < office@eaglehill.us >

Dr. Robbin Moran is Curator of Ferns at The New York Botanical Garden. He has published four books and over 70 scientific papers on ferns. With Alice Tryon, he has written the Ferns and Allied Plants of New England (1997) and with Barbara Joe Hoshizaki, the Fern Grower’s Manual (2001). He has just published (2004) a new book, A Natural History of Ferns (2004), which covers many aspects of fern biology (we’ll have more about this wonderful book in a later issue, ed).